How To Buy An Android Device (Phone and Tablet, wearable not included) That Suits You


Of Recent the Android OS is the majority smartphone choice OS and as result you’re more likely to buy an Android phone or tablet than any other.

That’s the more reason you need to know How To Buy An Android Phone or Tablet That Suits You and Your Need For Android.

Sometime ago I wrote on features to watch out for when buying a phone, that would be a good read but this one breaks it down for you.


In This Post I’ll analyze each reason why different people buy Android devices for each purpose and how to go for such Android device instead of paying for what you don’t need.

Some buy Android devices for Business And Internet Purpose, Gaming, Multi-Media purposes, Normal Phone Use(call, texting and a few others).

Android Gaming Tablet

I am starting with gaming because am a hardcore android gamer and would wish every Android gamer out there gets there hand on the best device that can handle their preferred Android games.

When Buying an Android device specifically for games, attention need to be paid on the following; CPU, RAM, GPU, Battery, Screen Size and Quality, memory capacity and SD slot, OTG support(no long stories for controllers, and flash drive if need be).

For a gamer on Android your CPU needs to be at least Dual-core 1.5GHz for low end and Quad-Core 2.1GHz for high end devices,though chipset type also plays a role but not so much as most modern chips from MTK and Qualcomm(these two are the most popular) are well integrated to handle games.

About the RAM, 2Gig or higher of it is the better, 1Gig may run some games properly fine but its not advisable as it may lag on most HD games. 2600 mAh and above of battery can last you hours playing HD games on your Android device. Now about the screen size and quality, anything less than 5″(5 inch) of screen size is too tiny for gaming, its resolution should be fairly high as a screen with poor resolution would result in bad gaming experience.

Asides battery CPU and RAM The GPU is the most important part as its the brain box behind the HD on your device screen, while there are so many android devices sporting different GPUs, never you settle for the less, here’s a list of the top 10 GPUs on mobile, you could select from them but they’re most times dependent on the chipset your device is running:

  • Qualcomm Adreno 430
  • NVIDIA GeForce Tegra K1
  • PowerVR GX6450
  • Qualcomm Adreno 420
  • ARM Mali-T760
  • PowerVR G6430
  • Qualcomm Adreno 330
  • PowerVR G6200
  • ARM Mali-T628
  • PowerVR GSX 544 MP4

The above are the top 10 best GPU for mobile and tablet devices, when going for any Android device for gaming always check the list up.

ASUS, NVIDIA produce great devices(mostly tablets) for gaming on android but Samsung also does just that Samsung’s are quite expensive, other Chinese brands aren’t left behind too. Above all, you should always get a device that has memory card slot and at least 16gig of internal memory you’ll need this.

2.Business And Internet Purpose

For business purpose a device with 1gig of RAM is never a bad idea, your concern should mainly be on large screen, CPU, and 3G/4G(as you do a lot of research and browsing), for example a blogger or any other business personnel would do a lot of online stuffs and typing.

Basically for Business and other internet related purpose, a tablet is required as it has large screen and more likely supports external Keyboard, in some cases OTG too is needed. Printing capability is now available on all android running Lollipop 5.0+.


Asides gaming this is the most demanding use of an Android device, since a person needing Android for multi-media purposes like photography, watching of movies would also require high graphical device. Multi-Media purposed android device needs very good battery for long hours of watching movies, very good camera(mainly primary) for high quality pictures.

A camera of 13MP(secondary 5MP) is a catch, higher MP can also work but its a waste of cash as most manufacturers don’t care much about the extra Mega Pixels. Good and loud speakers(positioning matters) with good audio output also determines if an Android device is suitable for multi-media use. Above all, you should always get a device that has memory card slot and at least 16gig of internal memory.

4.Normal Use

This is the everyday use of all mobile phones and as such much emphasis should not be paid on graphics, camera, speakers, 3G/4G, CPU and stuffs, but emphasis should be on battery(2600mAh+), strong network coverage for calls and at least 2G for WhatsApp and other texting.


Armed with all the above in How To Buy An Android Device That Suits You, you’re never going to get the wrong device but a device that suits you and your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask any question.

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