How To Build A Million $ Website?

rich website

Magento Shopping CartEveryone do not have millions to spend for creating an eCommerce business website .

Do not worry if you fall in this category, as we have Magento which is the most hassle free and cost effective way to take your business online.

Magento is certainly a promising CMS Platform and we can derive it from the stats shown below:

rich website

Magento (Community edition): The Magento Community edition is free for all as it an open source platform which comes with no licensing fees. It is an efficient yet very simple software which can even be handled by a software rookie.

It allows you to manage numerous features such as shipping methods, discounts, personalized offers, payment gateway, currency list, wishlist and many more such stuff.

Magento Enterprise – Although Magento offers a great deal of customization process, but this was not sufficient for many large scale products. Thus, there was a need to incorporate some additional features and improve the strength of customization so as to deliver highly advanced projects. Wherefore, enterprise edition was launched. This edition was launched to cater highly competitive, payment gateway rich and scalable websites for big scale business enterprises.

The Magento app development platform offers a high degree of flexibility for developing a website which matches your needs aptly. This leaves you unbridled your imagination power to articulate your thoughts and reap in maximum gains.

Simple yet effective Management panel for easy modification
Magento offers a high customization which becomes very easy to use by its dashboard for administering your website. This has removed the need of hiring a professional for making trivial or any significant changes in your website as they are so simple that they can even be made by a rookie. Along with this it also provides quite easy analysis and reporting to understand the traffic on your website. Moreover, if off chance you get caught up in any kind of issue with your website then you can take help from the wide pool of resources who have hands of experience in tackling Magento related issues.

Order management retains customers: Providing a customer service is not limited to lead generation, wherein it goes beyond than that. To have a flourishing business you need to make your customer return back. For that you need to manage their orders properly. Admin panel of your Magento stores a wide range of features to manage your webstore. This provides the customers of your magneto store the leverage to view their orders and print their invoices from anywhere they feel like. They are also notified via emails about their order so as to increase the visibility of your website which is also a symbol of great management.

Magento e-store visitors can avail an intelligent filtered search option
Magento is a well designed platform which is powered with a filter to search the kind of device from which your website is requested. This helps in catering the audience in a better and in accordance to their requirement. It has an unique search filter which displays the products in accordance to the search parameters such as recently seen items, tag filters, reviews, recently compared product and many such categories.

Mobile is certainly blossoming and has gradually captured a lots of users as it fulfills the commitment of staying connected every time. Thus, people are using mobile devices because it is a new thing or happening, they are using because they can easily access them anywhere and all the time. Thus to fulfill the need of this utterly challenging world Magento works aptly to process the request coming from the devices and render mobile optimized version to your users.

Magento offers built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features
Search engine optimization is the prime requisite for all the website, looking at the cut throat competition. Well Magento handles this with care as it has tools for SEP along with the tools to create.

HTML and XML based sitemaps. Further, you get a comprehensive control to optimize the address of each web page as it has rewriting options for the URL. It also helps you to easily manage the listed categories and products on your website, which has a direct impact on the search ranking and returns of your website.

On in short we can say Magento lets you control the elements which can directly fetch business on your website.

There are certain limitation to every eCommerce platform or any web development platform. Thus, to choose the aptly suitable platform you need to have a clear picture of your web project so that you can map your requirements easily with the functionality of the users. Rather than picking up any random platform of which you heard in passing you can need to ruminate over all the possibilities before choosing a platform.

Magento is a full fledged platform for your
If you are an online store, then you must need to know that there are two things, first people go to websites which they consider to be effective and second they check the security of the website. Thankfully, Magento renders a high security and robust platform for your website, plus it also offers a highly secure payment gateway.

Apart from providing the most obvious feature needed for an eCommerce store it also extends in providing luxury:

  • Up-selling and cross-selling
  • Customizable pricing
  • Newsletters
  • Bundling of products
  • Multi-store
  • User dashboards
  • Customer groups
  • CMS option
  • Advanced stock management
  • Multiple image per product
  • Advanced shipping method / supplier control

Magento supports futuristic development as it is not only flexible, but adapts to the development as well. Thus at a point of time if you need to integrate something new or adopt something in trend you do not have to worry about if you are using Magento.

There are numerous platform for eCommerce development who do not provide the complete listing of products and SKUs to be displayed on their website. This results in more investment as your eCommerce store grows and you need to deliver more on your website. On the other hand Magento does not restricts you in your growth and you can add as much as you can without paying for it.

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