How Java was Used in Java browser plug-in Development!

There was recent news on the Oracle’s much needed maligned Java browser plugin.

So, let’s see how Java development was used in this process. There is a buzz that the plugin will be deprecated as of Java development kit 9.

So, there is an ultimate removal from both the JDK and Java Runtime Environment in a future Java SE releases.

Java browser plug-in Development

The organization promotes the developers to think on the alternatives by using of the Java Web start. The plugin version of the Java was once a most common vector which was used for the security purposes and especially it was counted for the attacking of the multiple platforms.

In many cases, the web industry was considered as a whole for the moving away of the browser plugins, and also with the using of languages like flash and Java. Oracle’s decision is most likely to create trouble for the other firms by using of the older applets. Thus, the older applets were called as the custom applets which were very difficult to use and also to consider.


Once Oracle retires the Java browser plug-in, then in that case, the target of the web browser exploits. This in turn, is helpful in moving of the technology from Oracle JDK that would be actually helpful in the future Java SE release.

The Java Development version 9 is expected to release in March 2017. Then by that year, most browsers will no longer accept the Java browser plug-in. In many cases, the many browsers use Java as its platform. Later, Mozilla announced that by Oct it aims to remove the plug-ins that would actually eliminate by the need for using the same browser.

Firefox by the end of 2016 would eliminate the browsers and the plug-ins. Chrome also eliminated the need for this plugin in September for the plug-ins like the Java and the Silverlight. Microsoft’s browser doesn’t support the plug-ins in either ways.

Then there are only two browsers internet explorer and Safari who will accept the traditional NPAPI plugin after the year 2016. Then in this, Oracle is pretty much forced under this decision. It therefore helps in the supporting a plug in technology which is called as PPAI.

In many cases, Oracle doesn’t support the browser-specific plug-in that would actually require application developers in writing the browser specific applets that are used for supporting the organizational needs. Thus, in all this, Oracle can offer substantial functionality which is actually different in its functioning. This would indeed impact both the application developers and also the users.

 In many cases, the alternative proposed by the company helps in switching of the Java applets into the Java web based applications. These types of Java applications can be launched from the web without the need of the browser plug-in.

Just on considering the security reasons, this indeed is one of the most efficient tools that would be installed within the coming years. Considering the application compatibility reasons, this is indeed one of the most effective tools in the business environments.

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