GTA 6: Grand Theft Auto Most Epic Game


GTA V was the answer to all the critics who questioned the reality of the games made by Rockstar Studios. To make a stronger point, GTA 6 has promised to incorporate multiple attributes of reality which include destructible sceneries and exploding vehicles. A player can also watch buildings being constructed by workers while they continue their game. The game has the power to “memorize” the location of explosions and destructions such that it can impart an added feeling of reality and adventure to the game and the gamers.

Games and reality; a rift to be bridged by GTA 6
On the topic of adding more realism, Rockstar has vowed to add female characters and mods to the new gameplay. We are not talking the sexist MGS 5 or Witcher characters, we are hoping for more “real” women who like to wear clothes in “real” life. But anyway Rockstar is always known for the mischievous and unassuming ways, so we yet do not know what exactly to expect.

The new characters are all set to come with their own wardrobes, background stories, houses and rides. Expect to see a number of period architectural specimens and sweet rides including Hot Rods and Shelby GT500s. if you have dreamt of buying your own pad in reality but the real estate market prices have heartlessly crushed your dreams, you can definitely rebuild your dreams and a house in Grand Theft Auto.

Expected a glamorous scenery with the best from Vice City
Be it San Andreas or Blaine, GTA has rocked its gameplay without any glitches. From breathtaking sunsets to staggering skylines, the players have been treated to flawless sceneries and interactive elements from their surroundings. So this time players have been waiting with bated breath for a word on the location of the 6th edition of awesome.

Now the latest news points towards Vice City as the most probable location and the 70s as the target era. In reality, we are all happy with the recent rumors as nothing compares to the glam and swag of Shelby GT500s and bellbottoms of the 70s’ Las Vegas. In addition to a cool location, we may also see an interactive map in the upcoming GTA 6.

Should we start holding our breaths yet?

The new edition of GTA is going to be simply awesome as anyone owing an Xbox, PS or a PC can participate in this open world role playing action adventure game. Now the question is when do we get to experience the new rush of adrenaline as we zoom past the glamorous casinos and cut through the driest deserts in Las Vegas?

Our current research says that, it may be well into the 2018 before we get to buy our own copies of GTA 6. A few unauthenticated whispers did place the release date in the last quarter of 2016; however the unexpected resignation of Leslie Benzies and inclusion of new changes in the GTA 6 story line and maps has pushed the date as far back as 2018.

Although many skeptics are placing their money on 2020, we have no confirmed news or reason to believe that the release of GTA 6 will be pushed so far back.

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