Google G Suite Has Crossed 3 Million Business Users in World

Google G Suite

Google’s ‘Google Apps which is now known as ‘G Suite’ has been able to earn 70 million paid users out of which an estimated 3 million business users have made Google to set yet another milestone.

Google which is the second name for convenience and security is known for making everyone’s work life easier by always bringing feature within its existing products as well as by introducing whole new features for the ease of users.

Google G Suite

Google apps that are now known as G Suite have many features that can be used to make lives and work sorted and users around the world count on Google to keep working to make things better and better as time goes by.

Currently, all the hype about G suit is because of the name change and for hitting the milestone for recording 3 million paid business users. Before that it was back in November 2015 when Google was able to record 2 million business users around the world. 3 million users around the world use G suite for convenience and better performance and coordination.

Google is still working to get more businesses on board as the business already working with G Suite have found G Suite to be the most secure, convenient and easy to teach and learn platform. Businesses and well as educators trust Google for its security and make use of the paid program that Google offers for the companies and business around the world.

Unlike other unreliable systems and apps, Google payments too are secure and its services are very under priced. Let’s have a look at what G Suite offers to its businesses and other customers:

Apps and Features:

Google claims to have all in one place that you need to have smooth transaction of work and increase productivity and collaboration.

For connections, G Suite offers Gmail for emails that are personalized with your business and name for example “”, Hangouts for video calling and conferencing, Calendars for scheduling for teams and Google+ which is a social network for businesses.

For collaborations and storage it has a lot more apps to offer, Docs for documents and real time co-editing meaning the file will be shared among all the people and they will be editable in real time, advanced fast online Spread Sheets, Slides where you collaboratively make beautiful presentations together, Forms and easy surveys, Sites for easy to build websites and Drive for storage (limit depends on the plan your business purchases).

Security and administration takes things further towards better and secure work, Admin to manage users, devices, controls and authorities, Mobile to secure data through mobile device and Vault to archive, search and export information.

As it is seen, the apps offered in G Suite are sure to make working easier and you are no longer bound to have physical meetings, everyone can join in sitting right at their work stations and even if they are in a different geographical location they can still be a part of the meeting.

Working has become faster with travelling being least required and you can have a group video conference with your colleges and important people anywhere in the whole world. G Suite makes it even easier to work with the apps being available in real time and offline. Your team mates can now have a quick meeting without spending hours in assembling time and you can reach the whole team with just one click.

Apart from communication, the organized sheets, documents and slides and the storage G Suite offers takes it all to a whole new level. Everything is editable in real time and it is all sharable and accessible even from mobile apps.

Payments and Plans:

G Suite knows the requirements from large scale businesses to small and it has focused small businesses, large scale businesses and enterprises depending on their size and use. It offers solutions to keep your business looking professional and organized by offering a ‘your company name’ based email address for only $5 per month for new business.

It moves on to the small scale businesses offering only $5 per month per user for 30 GB storage which includes 30 GB cloud storage, administration tools, spread sheets, documents and presentations, security and administration controls etc. $5 per month sure has more things to offer than just these but a $10 per month per user gets an unlimited storage with further more benefits and 24/7 support by phone, email and online. This sure looks like everything in one place and exactly what a small scale business needs.

The best thing about Google or its G Suit remains that a little training is all a new person needs to understand how it works. The apps offered in G suite adds new users effortlessly and all of the apps use known interfaces to maximize productivity and use.

No wonder Google crossed the 3 million paid businesses milestone only within two years. G Suite is not only used and adapted by businesses but it is thoroughly used in education systems as well and the educators and organizations are using it to its maximum because of the easy to use apps and the real time editable sheets, documents and surveys etc.

Every app in G Suite is designed keeping in mind the needs of emerging businesses as well as already established small scale and large businesses and enterprises and now people around the world use and prefer G Suite for one of the many reasons that it auto updates the changes and there is no chance you lose any of your data during any of your work.

In fact, you can project your screen to others or work on a single document while use the chat feature or video call at the same time to discuss and edit altogether. It would not be a surprise if G Suite crosses another milestone within a shorter time with the changes they have made in G suit, previously known as Google Apps.

Sheraz Khan Baloch is a social critic and working with a dissertation writing services provider firm. He loves to look at the changing social trends closely and criticize accordingly. He is a computer graduate. However due to his interest in writing and sharing thoughts with others, he writes articles for different blogs.

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