How To Fix Class Not Registered on Windows 10

Class Not Registered on Windows 10

Are you troubling with the Windows 10 Class Not Registered error? Here are all possible ways to get rid of the issue.

Since the release of Windows 10 Creator Update, people are talking about its excellent features. But, sometimes this feature doesn’t impress when the Class Not Registered error occurs when opening picture or internet browsers. So, try out these tested solutions to fix “Class Not Registered” error in Windows 10.

Fine, you must be wondering “what does class not registered mean?” let me tell you, it is a pop up that appears as an error message on your desktop when you try to access things like open JPEGs or other format images, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. The error happens due to unregistered DLL files of apps and program. If you encountered with the “class not registered” error, then here are some helpful solutions to fix the issue.

How to Fix Class Not Registered on Windows 10

Many people registered their problem on the Microsoft’s forum, after spending a lot of hours on forums I have found these working solutions to fix the error.

Solution #1: Reset to Microsoft recommendation

One of the common reasons of showing up this issue when the default file association for the image files has been changed. So, here’s my first recommendation is try to reset to the Microsoft recommendation by following below steps.
Step #1: Go to Startmenu and click on Settings on your Windows 10.
Step #2: Select Apps.
Step #3: Click on Default Apps at the left panel.
Step #4: Scroll down to the “Reset to Microsoft recommendation” and click on Reset button.

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Solution #2: Disable iCloud

Another fix is to disable iCloud in task manager to solve the class not registered error. Some people tried this solution and found the useful, so try to disable the iCloud if you have installed on your Windows 10.
Step #1: Launch Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc key at the same time.
Step #2: Click on Startup.
Step #3: Right-click on iCloud Service and Disable it.

Solution #3: Create new Microsoft account

Some people tried to make a new Microsoft account to get rid of the error, and it works well. So after reading few trusted forums, I found an easy solution to fix the class not registered issue is trying to create a new Microsoft account.
Step #1: Navigate to Settings → Accounts → Family and other users.
Step #2: Next up, Click on “Add someone else to PC” button
Step #3: Enter your Microsoft email ID and click on Next.
Step #4: Sing out of your current account and switch to new one.

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Solution #4: Run System File Checker

If you tried the resetting Microsoft recommendation method to solve class not registered problem and it didn’t work on your computer then you should try SFC (System File Checker) to scan your Windows 10 for any type of issue and get the fix.
Step #1: Press Windows and X key at the same time and select Command Prompt (Admin).
Step #2: Now you will ask all app to make the change on your PC, click on Yes.
Step #3: Enter sfc/scannow and hit Enter.
Step #4: Now it will scan your computer for any error and inform you when it is done.
Step #5: After completing scanning process, Restart your PC.

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Solution #5: Re-Register Windows .dll files

If somehow the system file checker didn’t get the solution, you can try the re-register Windows .dll file to solve the class not registered error.
Step #1: Press Windows and X key at the same time and select Command Prompt (Admin).
Step #2: Click Yes button to allow the app to make a change on the PC.
Step #3: Type the following command and hit the Enter.

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FOR /R C:\ %G IN (*.dll) DO “%systemroot%\system32\regsvr32.exe” /s “%G”

Step #4: Wait for the process to complete the task and Restart the computer when it’s done.

How to fix Windows 10 Explorer.exe Class Not Registered error

If you are frequently facing a class not registered error while using Internet Explorer then you can try these below solutions to fix the issue on your Windows 10 computer.

Solution #1: Start Internet Explorer ETW collector service

Step #1: Launch Run by pressing Windows and R key at the same time.
Step #2: Type services.msc in the search bar and press enter.
Step #3: Scroll down to the Internet Explorer ETW Collector Service, right-click on it and click Start.

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Solution #2: Restart explorer.exe

Restarting the internet explorer is one of the easiest ways to fix class not registered error on your Windows 10 PC. Here’s is how to do it.
Step #1: Launch Task Manage by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys simultaneously.
Step #2: In the Details tab; look for the explorer.exe, right-click on it and click on End Task.
Step #3: On the Task Manager tab; go to File→ Run new task.
Step #4: Type explorer in the new task windows and hit enter.

Solution #3: Set Internet Explorer as default browser

Sometimes setting up the Internet Explorer as your default browser can help to fix the class not registered problem on Windows 10.
Step #1: Launch Default Programs tab by pressing Windows and S key at the same time and type Default Program in the search bar.
Step #2: Choose the “Internet Exoplorer” under the Web Browser..
Step #3: Next, look for the Internet Explorer and set it as the default browser.

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How to fix Class Not Registered Windows 10 Error in Edge Browser

If you are using Edge browser for internet surfing and encountering with the class not registered error then you should try this couple of solutions to get rid of the problem.

Solution #1: Set Edge as default browser

Step #1: Click on Start and go to Setting → Apps→ Default App.
Step #2: Scroll down to Web Browser and choose Edge as default app by clicking on the browser.

How to fix Class Not Registered Windows 10 jpg error

Normally, class not registered error show up when opening pictures on your Windows 10 PC. To solve the error, try these working solutions.

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Solution #1: Set Windows Photo Viewer as a default Image Viewer

Usually, when you open jpg files, the class not registered error occurs on your Windows 10 computer. You should try to set the Windows Photo Viewer as a default image viewer.

Step #1: Download Windows Photo Activation file that will change the registry and enable Windows Photo Viewer.
Step #2: Find the image on your computer and right click on it.
Step #3: Open with → Choose another app→ Select Windows Photo Viewer.
Step #4: Select Always use this app to open .jpg file and click OK.

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Hope you have got the perfect solution from above-mentioned solution to fix the error. Hope you won’t see any class not registered error on your Windows 10 PC.

If you meet any problem during following these solutions then don’t forget to ask us in the comments, we will try you get you the best solutions as soon as possible we can.

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