Five Great Virtual Reality(VR) Apps for Mobile

virtual reality apps

Virtual Reality is amazing and any gaming enthusiast will agree. But until recently, the sheer price of a PSVR, Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive system would lock you out of the experience.

That has changed. With lots of virtual reality apps now available in the app store, your high end smartphone can perfectly take you to the VR world.

Of course it’ll need the help of some form of headset – the Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream to get you started. But these are quite inexpensive, not to mention the extremely cheap Google Cardboard, a DIY entry point into the world of virtual reality.

With a high end smartphone and any of these low-cost hardware, here are five great VR apps you should try out.

#1. Minos Starfighter VR
This is an app built specifically for Google Cardboard, the cheapest VR headset for smartphone gaming. Minos Starfighter is a first-person arcade space shooter that immerses you into a virtual world of true space fighting. You’ll be flying through the space battling it out with enemies that become progressively more powerful. Blasting your enemies become more difficult as you progress deeper into the game with your waves of enemies becoming increasingly harder.

With your high end smartphone and Google Cardboard headset you could play while standing. A swivel chair would however give a more practical experience as you strap yourself to your space fighter.

The game has a fast paced one-trigger gameplay for headsets that have a button. There’s also an option to play without the trigger if your headset doesn’t have a button. Whatever your headset looks like, be prepared for some really impressive visuals and a true VR experience.  As it is, Minos is surely the best virtual reality game for Google Cardboard.

#2. YouTube
Streaming a 360-degree film on YouTube’s new VR app puts you right inside the happenings that unfold all around you – not just before your eyes. The experience is real, and your presence in the virtual world of possibilities unmistakable. It’s truly exhilarating to become a character in your favorite (adventure) movie.

YouTube has an increasing catalogue of videos you can choose to watch in 360-degree format. There’s a huge variety, ranging from wildlife films to music videos. In addition to the VR music and wildlife videos, the service also has a couple of virtual tours of random offices that makes your VR experience one of a kind.

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#3. Within VR
Formerly known as VRSE, Within VR is a rich catalogue of immersive content from fantasy to documentaries. The cinematic virtual reality environment comprises of a growing library of short films, animated videos documentaries and comedy. This content is largely sourced from the app’s partners including the New York Times, Vice, National Geographic, Saturday Night Live as well as brands like U2.

Once you have your pair of headphones powered by Google Pixel or any other high end smartphone, you’re ready to enter the completely immersive VR environment.

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#4. Incell VR
The realm of virtual reality is a world of possibilities – no other app utilizes this fact better than the Incell VR. This is a VR racing game that uses your high end smartphone and a headset to put you inside a microscopic cellular environment.

As the name of the game suggests, you’ll be playing among the micro structures inside the human cell.

As the aim of the game, you have to stay clear of a virus wave by outrunning it. The colorful nature of the environment is in itself quite entertaining. But even more stimulating is the bio science and strategy behind the whole thing.

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#5. Eve Gunjack
Gunjack is an action-packed flight simulator based on the celebrated EVE Online gaming franchise. It is simple. All you need is a Samsung Gear VR and a high performance smartphone such as the Google Pixel, Huawei Mate 9 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+, just to mention a few.

The arcade shooter rendition is built from the ground up for VR. It immerses you in a visually spectacular sci-fi world of vulnerability and annihilation. Pick up your weapon and start destroying your waves of enemy spacecraft. It’s a do-or-die environment where you must destroy your enemy or watch them destroy you and your allies.

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