Facebook is All Set to Release Its Own Messenger for Work & Business Purpose


Facebook to enter the competition with Slack as the social networking giant recently introduced a standalone messenger application for business purpose. Well, the application was spotted on the Play Store of Google but it’s a beta version, which is available to 300 businesses to test the prototype of it. Few years’ back Facebook introduced FB messenger in order to take on the growing instant messaging market.

Now, it is all set to release a more secured and private version of the messenger targeting the people who uses social network for business or office purpose. It can be the direct threat to Slack, which is an already established IM in this region.

Another, interesting thing that Facebook is planning to add is ‘Help You to Get Over Your Ex’. You must have felt a harsh snarl while seeing your ex’s photos in your Facebook timeline, well Facebook just don’t simply want you to feel that way.

The social networking giant is testing on a feature or AI technology that will analyse your relationship status to allow you to hide any updates from your Ex or prevent the names to pop up in your friend’s suggestion list.

Well, talking about Facebook’s new messaging application for work, it looks a lot like existing Facebook Messenger, anyway that’s not a surprising thing at all. The most significant features are that the new business messenger let you to access the directory of other employees, send message to co-workers or create a group chat with them instantly.

Moreover, if you don’t to feel disturbed or handle business or work issues while you are on a vacation, you can simply turn off the notification of the application.

The new application was originally introduced in January, 2015 during a soft launch. Undoubtedly, Facebook designed it to get into the competition with Yammer, Slack and LinkedIn. Well from entertainment to work purpose Facebook’s target is to capture all the sector of social networking market.

There’s been rumour that another thriving IM app KIK is trying to enter the completion with the same feature and that too with a PC version. Well, this could also be a direct challenge to WhatsApp Web, which also runs under the operation of Facebook.

The Facebook book work messenger is still in work phase and it would be interesting to see how the messenger is unique from other available leading work-messenger or business related IM application. Slack may just be the greatest competitor in this case as the company recently claimed that it reached the number 1.7 million in terms of daily users and valued at $2,8 billion.

It also recently raised $300 million to continue the slack’s expansion. Well, that stat may look smaller comparing to Facebook’s 1.5 billion monthly users but in terms of business-messenger Slack can give a hard run for Facebook’s money.

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