How Employee Monitoring is Linked To Business Growth!

Employee Monitoring

The name “Spy App” itself sounds awfully notorious like something out of a James Bond movie, but according to the state law its use is quite legal.

As long as employers follow a few basic rules regarding spy apps, they are perfectly authorized to monitor their employees by using the said apps. Spy apps are quite helpful in keeping track of employees’ various activities, online and offline.

Employee Monitoring

They indirectly can also serve as a great medium of business growth strategy. According to various surveys, companies lose millions of dollars every year due to non-work related internet surfing as well as idle employees who slack off during work hours.

This is where turning to spy applications can serve greatly in terms of business growth strategy in the following ways:

You Can Increase Employee Productivity

Most businesses use video surveillance to keep an eye on their employees. Video surveillance was enough at a time when if the boss saw that the employee was in his cubicle, it meant that he was working. But now, with unlimited access to internet, employees can browse through various blogs and videos at their leisure, while they pretend to be working. Such a coupe can seriously damage the productivity of such an employee since their work vs. time ratio doesn’t add up.

If such employees learn that their employer has his eye on every single keystroke they make on the company sanctioned computer, it greatly reduces the chances of them slacking off during work hours. Additionally, this way you can easily work out the slackers and identify the hard workers they have in their business firm.

Keep Confidential Information From Being Leaked

Humans are fickle beings by nature. They can be the best people you have ever met and yet at the same time they can turn out to be the worst people you can have the misfortune of ever coming across.

We meet thousands of people every day. When we meet them, we can never know by a glance whether they are worthy of our trust or not. The same goes for employers when they hire an employee. At first, even the most notorious people seem fine but when given the time, such people show their true colors. Spy apps serve as a brilliant medium to catch such people early on, since spy apps allow you to:

  • Take a look at their browsing history.
  • Keep an eye on the emails being sent or received.
  • Get detailed logs about every single keystroke being made by the employee.

This way, if you keep a close eye on a certain suspicious employee by using the spy app, you can not only prevent confidential data from being leaked, but also catch such a thing from transpiring early on.

Keep Internet Abuse At Bay

Since most companies conduct most of their business interactions and other things using internet. They use high-speed internet connections to make sure that an important business deal is not hindered by bad internet connection.

Such high-speed internet bandwidth is equivalent to a shot of cocaine to an internet junkie, who’d rather watch funny and cute cat videos all day long instead of actually doing work assigned to them. Such slackers do not only abuse the unlimited internet access companies allow their employees, but it also reflects badly on the company if they are not on top of all the work assigned to them.

Spy apps help company owners out with this problem as well. Since most spy apps allow employees to block certain websites from being accessed by the target device, they can easily block the websites their employees are obsessed about to get them back to work.

Keep Employers From Stalking Co- Workers

One of the biggest setbacks being faced by business owners is employees manipulating the use of office hardware and bandwidth to stalk co-workers. Since almost all the official data is accessible by certain employees, they can use this data to harass their co-workers which may not reflect nicely on such a business if the local authorities are informed of such occurrences. Therefore, it is in the best interest of business owners to use spy apps to discover such obsessive behavior and immediately nip it in the bud before it can become much worse.

The Bottom Line

A business and its success completely rely on the people working for it. Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, humans are fickle by nature and such fickle nature is bad for business. Therefore, inverting in a good spy app is in the best interest for business owners since they can serve as a great pair of eyes and ears on troublesome employees.

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