iPhone Apps. Vs Android Apps

Android is already a bigger market than OS, when we count in number of devices. 85% of the youth preferred Android as their first smartphone.

As the Google powered technology is higher than iOS on some points, but still most of developers wants to make apps for Apple devices.

Let’s dig deeper as why every mobile app developer wants to be an iPhone app developer for an illustrious career.


iOS scores high on Technicality and Revenues:
I was reading some forum on techforum4u and found a die hard fan explaining his jibe for the love of iOS. He explained why building an iOS app is so simple and liberal for his iphone app development team. You get the complete support of Swift on a smoother objective C element. You can’t risk your idea to become common or not getting enough support, if you go on Android with a paid version.

However, he also figured out the importance of building on Android once your app clicked for iPhone users. He explained “ Selling an app directly on Android is way difficult than doing it with an iteration of iPhone. Once your iPhone app is valued worth your app price by users, people on android will surely want to get that features ASAP”. He also claimed, iPhone users are way higher in percentage when it comes to using paid versions of Apps.

Its an Apple
Ask any 15 -16 year teen to reveal their first smartphone, eyes will definitely twinkle with an iPhone. Carrying an iPhone is a style signature with a royal feel. You are owning the best smartphone ever built and that gives a sense of satisfaction. Everyone uses an Android with a limitation or with a will to own an iPhone some point in future. Rare are the adamant fans of Android, who have enjoyed the magnificence of high-end droid phones from Sony, Samsung or Google.

Time and Money
Seriously, it’s quite tedious for android developers to become a pro at first point. Completing their conventional course in computers then putting themselves to a harsh training of Advanced Java and finally starting working on Android SDKs. People spend too much time (and money) on learning Java and then practicing hard on the platform.

That’s why developing for iphone is rather low cost and easy ( cheaper than iPhone at least). Learning C-code syntax is mostly in syllabus of their conventional studies and thus its depends only on one’s interest how quickly he can be a part of iPhone app development community.

Simply, a good iPhone app developed
You can easily put your vote in iOS box after reading this, but there are surely even more amount of Android fans. And the most probable thing they despise about Apple is, it’s not completely license free and a number of possibilities like building augmented apps that are adaptive and compatible with new open smart devices, remains a heck of a work for iPhone Developers.

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