5 Major Different Ways Millennials Could Redefine Their Customer Experiences

Customer Experiences

Millennials customers are generally the ones who are born between 1980 and 2000 redefining the way customer service has been perceived.

Also known to be the generation Y, this generation has always had technology at their fingertips and in recent years has proven to be population of tech savvy, socially conscious, and vocal individuals, who care about the brands they have been doing a business with. Given here the 6 different ways the millennials could redefine their customer experiences.

Customer Experiences

Showcasing on the experiences
It is really hard enough to trust each and everything that you need on the web these days, especially when it comes to the ecommerce websites boasting larger than life goods and services. And if there has been something that seems to be really good and true to you backing it up if you have been appeasing your young adult customers.

They are mobile
In a research study being conducted by Neilsen founded that more 85% of the millennials own smart phones, while in an annalect study asking millennial smart phone users how the brands have been using digital media found that having mobile friendly websites and apps was a top priority cited. As a mobile customer service garners more and more demand the brands need to take a note on how the millennials have been driving a force behind it wanting an excellent service on the go.

They have a voice and the brand should have one too
The millennials generation is here concerned with an identity in short speaking up for whatever they believe in and presenting themselves to social media as people want them to be. Social media itself is generally considered to be a platform for storytelling, followed by the users being eager enough to support their brands, social movements and the cultural tastes in order to match up with their personal beliefs. It is for this major reasons that the brands should be willing enough to tell their story, whether being a sharing humble account of a home grown family business or showing support for social or environmental cause.

Focussing on the speed
When a millennials customer would require something, then they would not wait around for it. An attention being paid upon speed could encompass so many things starting from the shipping time to the process of answering customer’s calls. According to a blog post published on kiss metrics if a website takes more than three seconds to load then 79% of them would abandon the site and would never ever return.

Speaking their language
Even though the customers have been demanding an experience when they could take care of themselves without any human contact, they would still want to continue to feel like you know them well and you could speak their language. This would here again involve personalizing their experiences with a few things like “recommendations for you” and “Hello (having the customer’s name)”.  You often get to see these services on one of a few good websites like amazon and netfilx offering full, self-service applications along with a perfect amount personalisation.

To conclude after applying the above mentioned tips do remember two important things that the millennials generally do not like being stereotyped and they are not scared to leave the organization in case they have had any bad experience. So try and focus in bringing your company up to date on the modern day trends delivering personalized experiences that would encourage consumers to bring back to more.

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