Should You Develop Android App First For Your Startup?


A mobile strategy is a must for any business and this is because mobiles are now ubiquitous. There are more text messages being sent in the world than emails.

The startups have decided that mobile app is the answer for many of their business needs, and they are also looking at mobile-optimized websites.

Even if they go for a mobile optimized website, the business is mainly conducted through the app.


If you can build an app for both the platforms iOS and Android simultaneously then that is the best possible option, because then you will be able to target almost the entire spectrum of the market. But if you want to control the budget by going in for only one app, then you will have to choose between iOS and Android by taking into account the needs of your business. If you want to target the largest possible pool of potential clients, then Android is the better option, because almost 85% of the mobile devices are running on Android. However, iOS clients have better paying power.

Most startups tend to focus on one platform at first. Once they get it right, they expand to other platforms and devices. And it is normally the Android app that gets made first. Here are the reasons why you should create the Android app first for your startup:


The search capabilities on iOS are limited. If you are a developer, you will find it difficult to know the keywords which the users are using to search for the kind of app that you have created. In contrast, the search capability in Google Play is robust. It makes it easier for users to search the apps of interest. Even if the rank of your app is on the lower side, you app can be discovered. Google offers tools with which marketers can have keyword insight for Apps in Android OS.

Low Cost of Acquisition

With the app markets being cluttered with tens of thousands of apps in almost every category, these days it is difficult to make an app successful without good investments in promotion and marketing. In Google Play promotion and marketing can be done at significantly lower costs as compared to iOS platform.

Lower Privacy Concerns

Unlike iOS, Android has a standard mechanism for marketing attribution. As the marketers have been using this mechanism for the desktop model for the last few years, they understand very well what is to be done. In case of Android they automatically get the referrer information that anonymously identifies the source of a download, and therefore the solution for tracking performance is clear and unambiguous.

Being Agile

Agility is of utmost importance for success in the fast evolving world of mobile apps. Google Play provides a perfect environment for apps in their early stages: developers can react to feedback quickly and have an app update available on Google Play literally in a few hours. In case of iOS, the process of putting in an update can be quite cumbersome as complicated approvals have to be taken—at times it can take more than week for releasing an update.

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