Costs To Start Own Mobile App Based Company?


At a whopping rate of nearly Thirty million a day, installing apps is a renowned hobby of the mobile users these days.

Hence, a lot of people develop ideas for creating new good apps.

As per a survey conducted among 96 app development companies, it was found that the average money needed to design an app was $6453.


Another report says that designing a small app could cost about $3000 to $8000. Complex apps could cost about $50000-$150000!

The problem always lies in transforming an app from conceptualization to real life working product. However, experts opine that anybody could design a successful and possibly a lucrative android app if they have right effort and approach. You could make plenty of money off your app if you did things the way they are supposed to be done.

Researching your competition is one more important step you need to take and it can help you decide if those apps are doing the right thing or the wrong one. If you have plans of launching an app on your own, you must first jot down those particular features you want your app to possess. Once your idea is refined, you could get started with the app. The app development cost could range from $1000 to $100000 according to the requirements of the business owner.

Do You Want To Know More About Creating An App?

Are you developing an android app for the first time? Now that you know the app development cost, there are many other things you must know. Answer these questions for yourself so that you get a clearer idea of how to create android application.

#1. I’ve got many ideas, which one should I go with?
Many entrepreneurs who are successful have developed their business via multiple app ideas. Hence, you don’t have to constrain yourself for one single idea. Apps are just like releasing a music single. You would not be aware of the single which would make it for your dedication. Hence, provide about six months to the app after it has released and if you can’t find a growing base of users, move on with the next one.

#2. Now that I have an app idea, where do I begin from?
Begin by laying your idea on a paper as distinctively as possible. Find tools for prototyping on the internet and devil a clear, screen by screen wire frame or mockup of the app idea. Once you are done with listing the requirements, start working on developing the app idea.

#3. How would I know if my customers need my app?
There is no safe way. You need to go out and check it for yourself. Bring a prototype of the app on the app market. You don’t have to wait and create the whole app consisting of all features. You just have to develop an app with the central proposition of it and check if the customers are ready for the purchase. Once they are, you would get plenty of vital feedback from the customers who are already paying.

#4. Should I go with a mobile website or an app?
There are nearly a million apps on the android app store and you will be contending with the best of the companies both in terms of appearance and engagement. Mobile websites wouldn’t provide you any sort of experience nor would they add any sort of value to their customers. Apps are as important as websites. Apps are for mobiles and websites are for desktops. You don’t have to blend the two.

#5. Should I develop the app in-house or go outsourcing?
While you are creating the first app, keep your budget low and go for any outsourced provider who would understand your requirements the best. At this crucial moment, your important job would be to reach your customers with the app. Once you find a true demand for your service or product and keep seeing traction, you could later take over the Maintenance in-house and also the development.

#6. How will I submit an app?
You must create a developer account on Google by registering via their websites. The app store fees would be about $25 and is easy. The true process of uploading apps to the app stores must be done by out developers.

Developing apps for android could be a tricky job. But you should quit thinking it’s difficult. It is not all that complicated either. If you want to create android application, be clear about these aspects mentioned above and later move on to do the needful!

Sachin Sharma The author has been associated with CodeBrew Labs, an app development and design company. CodeBrew has been developing apps for its clients from the last 4 years with the aim of providing quality products which can help their business grow.

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