How Android Phones Perform Better Than Iphones?


Both are diverse platforms having different list of advantages and disadvantages- we are talking about android and iOS. Android devices and iOS devices are diverse from each other and as per the experts- android phones are better than iOS ones. Here are the reasons why they think so:

Freedom to Install Applications
iPhone users don’t get freedom to choose apps to put them on the home screen because every app downloaded on an iPhone device is placed on the home screen. Whereas, android users can freely pick and drop the app’s shortcut to the home screen.


File System
Android offers visible file system to its users which allow them to control their files. When you connect your android phone with your PC, you can see a file system on your computer screen just like any other file you sue on your computer. The easy drag and drop option s there. Apple doesn’t offer such type of access to all your files.

Themes, Live Wallpapers, and Launchers
Android developers are luckier than iOS ones because they can enter to the customization world and build larger number of themes, live wallpapers, and launchers for the users. iOS devices are just limited to parallax effect and dynamic wallpapers.

Application Integration
Android platform allows developers to integrate apps with the operating system in most sophisticated manner unlike iOS. Developers can easily share content across apps seamlessly whereas iOS developers face extensible feature issues.

Notification Icons as Reminder
Android users can see many notification icons that work as a reminder for them. On the other hand, iOS screen is devoid of such icons from the top.

Expandable storage
One of the most critical reasons why android has more user coverage is storage expansion ability. You can use micro SD card to extend memory, but this is just impossible with in-built memory iphones.

All these things are enough to explain why android phones are much better than iphone. So, if you get stuck in confusion whether to buy android or an iphone- just recall these points in your mind and make decision.

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