CometChat Review & Features

CometChat Review

Staying connected to friends and folks, sharing the best of moments, images and happiness are essence of life. Communicating with friends through various modes change and develop with time. Different communication medium evolve with time and technological advancement. There are various chat software available in the web. All of them are loaded with some features or the other.

But there is one chat software available to all of us which is free, loaded with all sorts of features, audio and video call, themes, emoji, plug in and seamless integration.

The CometChat app allows the user to run audio, video and text chat while he or she is on the move! The flavour of CometChat is that the user stays stitched to the site; irrespective of the location. One needs to log in chatroom and start personalised chat from anywhere. It is now so easy and hassle-free to stay connected with friends and folks, share moments and happiness.

CometChat app 5.3

The highlighting features of CometChat are:

  • Voice & Video calling for one-on-one!
  • Text chat for both chatrooms and one-on-one
  • Photo & Video Sharing
  • Smileys and Emoji Keyboard Support
  • Real-time Translation of Conversations
  • Seamlessly integration with CometChat on your site
  • Auto-magically integrates with your site login
  • Invite Phone Contacts via SMS

CometChat Review by various users has revealed that this chatting app and software is different from rest of the chatting forums available on the web. The software is unique, vibrant and user friendly. The exclusive features are;

  • Send and receive Stickers
  • Audio and Video Conferencing
  • Audio and Video Broadcast
  • Send and receive Voice Messages
  • View Last seen
  • Text receipts (Sent, Delivered, Read) (when using CometService)
  • See when user is typing… (when using CometService)
  • Broadcast Message
  • Push notification support for Audio/Video Chat
  • Notification Counter in tab bar
  • Bug Fixes

Like CometChat, no other chatting forum availablehas this feature of chat conversion into preferred language to make comprehension easy and straight into 20 other languages.

All the inbound texts are decoded the moment they reach the chat window. The feature behaves like a real time interpreter. CometChat is capable of interpreting arriving messages at lightning speed.

Another amazing feature of CometChat is incorporation of Gtalk or Hangout in the chat application. This makes interaction easier and simple to track and record. To ensure maximum utility benefit to users CometChat iOS/Android App is obtainable at the Google Play and Apple Store for no charges. Offered on all the principal iOS and Android devices, this App is exclusivelyprotected and benign to use. Swapping from desktops to mobile devices is unproblematic as CometChat spontaneously syncs all the data and contacts from the website to the mobile phone and tablets.

The Facebook followers of the user can straightaway glance the recent posts or updates from the website through the CometChat bar or hit the ‘Like’ button without going on the Facebook website. Moreover the same holds true for twitter also. The latest tweets can go viral and gather more followers by letting the user see the latest tweets through the CometChat bar on the website.

Cometchat is available over iOS and Android both platforms are currently serving more than 30,000 customers over the globe and the number of users is rapidly increasing.

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