wordpress tools

8 Useful Online Tools for WordPress

The world of WordPress is very vast, between themes, plugins and online tools, we have something to deal with! Everything is at hand on the web, just look at…

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Wordpress Social Media Management tools

Best Tools To Ensure All-In-One Social Media Management For WordPress

[contextly_auto_sidebar] Social media is omnipresent. You can see it almost everywhere. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that everything has a hashtag! Hence, the social marketing concept…

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Wordpress Blog

How WordPress as a Blog Important!

If you are thinking about blogging, don’t be put off by the familiar notion that it is a teenager thing. There is more to blogging than just…

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Secure Wordpress Hosting

How Secure WordPress Hosting Helps To Secure a WordPress Site from Hackers!

It’s a well-understood fact that getting your website hacked is no fun. After all, a lot of your valuable time and effort have been invested in building…

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Detect Malwares and Viruses: Ways to Scan WordPress Plugins and Themes

Most of the site owners overlook the security of their website. They think WordPress is a secure CMS, so they don’t need to work on it. But…

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Optimizer WordPress Theme: An Advanced WP Theme for Live Editing

At the time of selecting WordPress theme for your current or upcoming WordPress website, there are a plethora of aspects on which a user focuses. One of…

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wordpress feedback

How To Enable User Feedback on WordPress Blog / Website

Whether you are running a bricks-and-mortar business or an e-commerce store, getting direct feedback from the users can be extremely valuable. While a standard feedback form is…

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17 WordPress Plugins Your Business Cannot Do Without

WordPress was launched in 2003 and is the most preferred blogging software on the market. Since a couple of years, WordPress is not just a blogging platform…

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Click to Tweet Boxes

Boost Your WordPress Site’s Engagement by Adding Click to Tweet Boxes

Often when accessing WordPress blog posts, you might have stumbled upon a few that use beautiful quote boxes. These quote boxes prove quite useful in encouraging users…

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WordPress Has Turned Into A Boom For Users Worldwide

Owning a website that is purely focused towards e-commerce requirements have lots of e-commerce online tool such as Magenta, Zencart and WP E-Commerce System. Each of these…

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