chinese phones 2017

The Best Chinese Flagship Phones of 2017

[contextly_auto_sidebar] Chinese Smartphones are the strongest contenders in the smartphone market with the presence of some amazing devices from multiple manufacturers. The situation has changed in such…

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Xiaomi Mi6 Reviews

Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date, Controversy and Features of Xiaomi Mi 6

It is a fact that Apple and Samsung are two brands that are the most talked about when it comes to the smartphones. But now there is…

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Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Delays Galaxy S8 Release Date

For all those gadget freaks out there who are waiting for the launch of a revolutionary Smartphone Samsung Galaxy s8 turns out to be a surprise for…

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Should You Purchase MI Mobile Phones?

MI Mobile Phones are one of the premium phones offered by Xiaomi. However, when we compare the feature package with the costs; we find these phones are…

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Flip Case

5 Elegant and Modern Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Flip Case

Samsung, one of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturing companies have always been in the news regarding their latest technological advancements and their huge smartphones. Well, when we…

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Flip Case

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Cases 2016

This one is a folio styled case cover for your Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It will provide your cell phone with protection not only against breaking and…

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Acer Liquid Z530, Buy Acer Liquid Z530 Flipkart Review

Acer’s bid to disrupt the budget segment of smartphones has led to the launch of Acer Liquid Z530. The latest release from the Taiwan multinational company has…

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New HTC One M10 Smartphone The Trend Setter

After the successful selling of M9, the HTC is all set to launch its new Smartphone, HTC one M10. News flashed that the one M10 will soon…

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Smart Phone Era, LG G4 Buy Online @ Flipkart

The world figurehead LG has given several amazing cell phones to the customers all over the world. The LG devices come with newest style and highly innovative…

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LG G5, Specifications, Release Date, Price in India

LG is one of the leading smart phone manufacturers in the world. The company is known for the innovation and technical advancement. LG released G4 with huge…

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