Swift for iOS

Benefits of Swift language for iOS

In the past, it was typically Objective-C which was used in iOS development. It was basically a superset of the C language with additional attributes. As time…

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iOS 11 Release Date

iOS 11 Release Date, News, Features, Updates & Rumours

The mobile operating system developed by Apple has taken the technology world by storm ever since its inception and the users are extremely satisfied with the features…

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Top Travel Apps That iOS Users Must Use At Least For Once

We know you love travelling and this is why you are landed here! We bet you will find extremely good information about travel apps that will help…

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iPhone Apps. Vs Android Apps

Android is already a bigger market than OS, when we count in number of devices. 85% of the youth preferred Android as their first smartphone. As the…

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Best in iOS 10, Feature & Rumors

Everyone is expecting that the design of the new IOS10 will be much different than that of all other operating systems released by smart-phone giant. We have…

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Plex Player: How To Use Plex Apple TV’s Application

To make Apple TV more functional, the company recently introduced an intriguing update to it. Yes! Its Apple TV’s own application store where third party developers can…

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Feature of iPhone 5 Twitter App

It was first Orkut, then FaceBook, now its twitter. Twitter is the world’s foremost social networking site. It is a site that is more lightweight than Facebook…

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AT&T Unlock iPhone To Use On Other Sim Card

With our latest AT&T Unlock iPhone offer now all the users whose device is locked to AT&T mobile operator will have the opportunity to unlock their AT&T…

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What To Expect From IOS 10

Apple is one of the most popular brands in the world as far mobile devices are concerned. Apple phones run on the IOS platform that is again…

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iPad Air vs iPad 3 Hardware & Software Specs

iPads are no doubt the best and most popular tablet around. With high end specs, awesome display supported by powerful battery takes its popularity to a whole…

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