9 Smart Business Applications For Industrial Curtain Walls

Smart Business Applications

There are many business applications where spaces, sometimes very large areas, need to be built out, divided, or separated for various reasons. Building out a space with permanent walls is always an option, but we’re going to touch on a few different applications where curtain walls or removable curtain wall systems can be ideal.

Auto Body Shops
Curtain walls and curtain wall enclosures are a great way to protect employees in body shops from nearby fumes, sparks, over-spray, or anything else that needs to be separated in auto body shops. With industrial curtains, the wall can be retractable or stationary in order to facilitate flexible work spaces. It’s also important to note that these curtain walls should be fire rated in some cases and adhere to certain specifications or requirements.

Paint Booths
Spray paint booths are an essential space that needs enclosure or preparation areas to be separated from other spaces. This is also another application where curtain walls being retractable or stationary can help maximize the space. It is also important to be able to seal the bottom of the curtain to the floor for a more airtight enclosure in some cases. Vision panels can also be included in curtain walls allowing for vision in to the space being separated.

As far as industrial curtain wall applications go, warehouses are probably one of the most common uses for curtain walls. Large warehouses spaces are often separated in to various spaces that serve different purposes. These curtains can be to conceal fumes, control lighting, create different temperature zones, and more since warehouses can have a large number of uses.

Food Processing
Commercial curtain walls used for food processing facilities often need to meet FDA and ASDA compliance standards. Make sure to check the specifications of curtain walls that are being used in any kind of food processing environment. Some benefits here can include easy wash down of curtains, protection from contaminants, and use of non-porous material, which is important for food-related settings.

Photography Backdrops
Photography backdrop curtains can apply to all kinds of situations. Showrooms, portrait studios, stages, theaters, concert venues, and more. Retractable backdrops allow spaces to be converted in to any look that is needed for a specific shoot. Multiple roll up backdrops can also be used to maximize flexibility.

Commercial Barns
Industrial curtains for commercial barns benefits can include energy savings, air flow control, and more. Insulated curtain walls can even be used for temperature control and separating spaces with different uses such as animals, crops, machinery, and more.

Separation of noise, vision, spaces that need to remain clean, temperature, and more are all issues for workshops where various activities are taking place. Enclosures can be used to completely separate spaces from open areas in cases where specific conditions are needed within a specific area. Strip doors, impact doors, sliding doors, and regular hinged doors are all options for entry and exit of spaces that are separated.

Welding Facilities
In welding spaces, needs range from simple weld screens, to entire welding curtain walls and space enclosures. This can be helpful in any facility that does metal fabrication, autobody work, metal cutting and welding, and other similar facilities.

Shared Work Spaces
Shared work spaces and coworking spaces have already gained popularity in Europe and the United Stated. The amount of coworking spaces across the country are only continuing to increase, but this is not limited to traditional office environments. Shared work spaces include workshop, industrial, creative works, art studios, and more. With the rise of coworking and shared work spaces for these types of trades, curtain walls are being used more often to fulfill the space separation needs of these spaces.

With all of the above applications mentioned, there are still even more ways that industrial curtain walls can be used for business and commercial applications. Check out the curtain applications listed here for more info about various uses for curtain wall uses.

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