Boost Your WordPress Site’s Engagement by Adding Click to Tweet Boxes

Often when accessing WordPress blog posts, you might have stumbled upon a few that use beautiful quote boxes.

These quote boxes prove quite useful in encouraging users to Tweet, which eventually helps in making the site more engaging to users.

What’s more? Having a feature that enables your visitors to tweet right from your WordPress blog posts will help share your Twitter conversation to a wider audience.

And thus, help in getting more shares on the popular social media network – Twitter.

Click to Tweet Boxes

You can also create visually appealing ‘click to tweet’ quote boxes in your WordPress posts using the Click To Tweet WordPress plugin. Through this post, I’ll be making you aware of the process of adding click to tweet boxes within any of your WordPress posts and pages.

How to Add “Click to Tweet” Box in WordPress Posts?

Below are some easy-to-follow steps that will make you understand the process of including a ‘click to tweet’ box in your WP posts:

Step 1: First of all, you will have to login to your WordPress website dashboard.

Step 2: Click on Add New → Plugins, and look for the “Click to Tweet” plugin. After finding the plugin, simply hit the “Install Now” button and activate the plugin.

click to tweet in wordpress

Step 3: Next, to configure the settings of the plugin, navigate to Settings → Click to Tweet plugin. This will open up the plugin settings screen that looks something like:

In this screen, you would be required to enter the username (without the @ symbol) of your Twitter account in the text box corresponding to the “your Twitter Handle” option.

Step 4: Now open up the WordPress blog post or a page where you would want to embed a quote box – that allows your users to tweet. To do so, you will have to insert the plugins shortcode into that page or post. Meanwhile, simply add the following code to be used in the shortcode, as follows:

[Tweet “Enter the text you would want to use as a quote…”]

Step 5: That’s it! After adding the ‘Click to Tweet’ button in your posts, do not forget to click on the “Save” button to make the desired changes. Also, make sure to preview your post, in order to check if the ‘click to Tweet’ quote performs correctly or not.

Customizing The Appearance Of Click to Tweet Quote Box

You might want to customize the look and feel of the default ‘Click to Tweet’ quote box based on your preferences. You can do so, by making edits to your Click to Tweet plugin’s CSS file. You can find this file within the directory stored in the path: “/wp-content/plugins/click-to-tweet-by-todaymade/assets/css/styles.css”. Remember that for accessing this directory, you will need to make use of an FTP client. Or else, you can access the directory directly from your web browser.

In case, you choose to use an FTP client, then open up your directory in a text editor such as Notepad or any other – for making the necessary edits.

It is advised that you must avoid editing the plugins file directly, as it might make you lose all of the changes you have made. This is because the your changes made to these files get overwritten as soon as the plugin is updated.

However, you can overcome such a situation, by copying and pasting your CSS file contents inside your theme or more preferably in your child theme‘s style sheet.

So, now you can make any needed changes to how the quote box looks, by making edits to your theme’s stylesheet, as you deem perfect.


Hope that reading this post will help you understand the process of how you can add “click to tweet boxes” in your WordPress posts.

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