Best Apps For Working Moms Or Working Ladies

Apps For Working Moms

Career is something for which many women don’t want to compromise.

Even if they are single or married with kids they want to pursue their job at any cost.

But one can make their lives much easier and can support their family and job with fewer hassles.

Apps For Working Moms

There are many ways to organize your life even if you are a working mom.

The best way is to understand what sort of attention is required at the home, how much time your children want and how you will complete your family at one place at the end of the day.

According to some recent research, web experts have created some amazing apps that will help working moms in many ways. These apps are developed considering how precious time is for working women and how they can organize their daily chores from work to home through these apps. Keeping all these things in our mind, we are presenting a list of some amazing apps that have made the life of working moms much easier:

IFTTT (If This Then That):

The app “If This Then That” is one clever app that can ease your work by performing a certain action that will be based on some of your previous actions. For example, you can simply create an IFTTT by the name “Recipes” which is just like a tag. So if you are going to post any food related picture on Instagram, that picture will be automatically saved on Dropbox. This way the app lets you create “Recipes” based on how usefully you use your mobile phone. It will also let you view recipes posted or created by other users. As mobile phones are becoming our basic necessities and replacing computers, we need an app like this in our daily lives that will perform multitasking functions to make our lives much easier.


Timeful is the combination of words “Time” and “Mindful”. Timeful is one awesome and highly useful time management app that was developed after thorough scientific research and testing. This app carefully tracks how often we try to finish our work that we want to do first and when. The app is pre-loaded with some helpful insights that can make your time management more mindful and can plan much better considering our schedule and habits. This app is particularly best for those who wonder why we cannot do something in particular even if we are capable of doing it. With Timeful, we can easily and directly record data related to our complete day and the app will help to organize and shift different chores according to time and to make more efficiency in your work. So better download and get over it completely.


This app is one of the veterans in the app market. Pocket was developed way back in 2007 where it use to help people to save different interesting articles, pictures, videos and many more from the internet for later entertainment. The thing that makes this app unique and appealing is that it serves as a complete personal summative that lets you quickly store interesting and entertaining tidbits online, so you can hook to them later on. It is not like Pinterest, where you more search for your interest, look for some pretty visuals and bookmark them for later reading and usage. Also there is a very handy option where you can send links and share information with your friends, buddies and colleagues. For working moms, it is way too convenient as they can quickly store the stuff and then can get entertained later in the night or after finishing all the chores.


Recalling your online account passwords is one heck of problem especially for working ladies. But Thankfully LastPass can do this job much easier for you. It offers full responsibility by instantly storing them in memory. LastPass helps you to save your online information for the sites you use frequently and browse, so that you don’t need to provide that information all over again. Using the “Local-only decryption and leading encryption technology”, the app is made super secure and it ensures that your data is all secure and only accessible by you. It is seamless across all the other devices and will not let you write all your passwords on a piece of paper. You can now save much of your time and can draw tattoos for girls easily.


Cloze is an app that keeps you are your family, friends and colleagues closer to each other. It automatically tracks your activities on different social media sites, email accounts and your personal phone calls. Cloze works just like your personal assistant that reminds you about meetings and when and where to go for a consultations. It will also keep track of the communication you had with people. It also works like a Social Media Manager that easily organizes your feeds based on your utmost favorites and interests, keeping the uninterested work at the very end. If you have moved to a new city, this app will keep a track of the people you met and are insanely user-friendly.


This one app is a love and is very useful to create your everyday lists. Whether it is a work-to-do list, tracking some future topics to write about or planning a sudden workout, creating a list of your everyday work can make your life much easier. Plus it gives a very good feeling when your scratch the work you have done from the list and what you have accomplished. With Evernote, you can keep your life organized through notes recordings and pictures which you can organize and categorize later on. Another very good advantage of this app is it will be instantly available on all your smart devices that are connected to internet for easier access.

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