Benefits of Swift language for iOS

Swift for iOS

In the past, it was typically Objective-C which was used in iOS development. It was basically a superset of the C language with additional attributes. As time passed, in 2014 Apple launched Swift which is a new interactive language. Swift language is quick, more interactive and secure coming to development. Incorporated are several aspects like type inference, closures and much more which simplify the use of this language. It is infused with traits of both the Objective-C and C languages without the inhibitions associated. Swift tweaks the comprehension of the iOS app development schemes with the assistance of Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.


Swift vs. Objective-C
Ever since the debut of this interactive language, it hs been the focus of debate as to whether Swift was much superior when compared to Objective-C. There was a plethora of excitement and chaos associated ever since Apple made it to the news.

From the early period of its disclosing, it is found to be a more intelligent coding language which fortifies the bridge between the app developers, enterprises, and the end users. Below listed are some of the advantages to implement Swift rather than Objective-C for the forthcoming iOS development projects.

The clearly defined benefit for using Swift lies in the aspect of developers to comprehend and grasp the codes which simplify the coding process. The code lines for execution are meager in Swift compared to Objective-C. The removal of the legacy conventions and the adoption of comma separated set of criterions manipulated by the various methods and function calls have largely contributed towards the lessening of code usage in Swift and the codes are much more comprehensible. The codes from Swift is similar to that of the English language which simplifies the coding involved and serves as a good language for manipulation of developers coming from Java, C++, and C# background.

Upkeep and Service
It is not feasible for Objective-C language to shape up without C modifying initially. This aspect is absent in Swift, boosting its efficiency along with proper maintenance. Compared to Objective-C which makes use of 2 code files related to the code, Swift integrates the Objective-C header and implementation files into a single super file. In Swift, the designers have adequate time to structuring the app understanding and tweaking the code and its attributes to augment and strengthen it.

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Reliable Platform
Swift’s syntax design is such that it bypasses the several issues associated with Objective-C with respect to crashes and other issues. The language makes sure that users don’t commit many errors when coding thus raising its standards. Swift allows its users to carry out the compilation and patch up the errors when coding. It is also reliable and quicker with relation to bug identification strengthening its reputation as one of the secure coding languages.

Minimal Code & Minimal Legacy
Objective -C features several issues which lead to the hanging of apps and their subsequent crashes. When coming to Swift, these issues are quite restricted. This is due to the handling of text strings and data in Swift. Further, Swift can be manipulated easily as the number of files related to the venture is divided into half. Coding with the Swift language is minimized when making use of string usage or repeated statements. Amalgamating two strings in Objective-C is a complex and bigger when compared to Swift where all the developer has to do is implement and use the ‘+’ sign to connect the two strings.

Swift language provides the benefit of speed with relation to design thereby conserving the expenditures incurred. It is quite faster than Objective-C and the Python languages comparable with the speed of C++. Further ventures are made with regards to augmenting the operation speed of Swift even further.

Compatibility with Dynamic Libraries
Dynamic libraries allow the present Swift apps to be synced with the modern versions of Swift language while also reducing the memory space f the app and boosting its functionality.

This is an aspect which allows developers to experiment with a new logic sans designing a complete app. Algorithms can be written while also incorporating the aspect of feedback loop which boosts the speed of implementing the code. Swift and Playgrounds integrated together is a fact that Apple is striving to ease the process of app development.

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Ever since the notification that Swift has incorporated the open-source aspect, it finds its benefits for application in several platforms and also for backend base. It also further signifies that Apple will collect the feedback from the community sectors to boost up the quality features. One of the reasons for Swift’s victory is due to the fact that several developers have embraced it and supported it apart from its good design.

Swift apart from succeeding Objective-C will also substitute for C  with relation to embedded programming in the iOS platforms.

Swift integrates the beneficiary aspects of Objective-C along with a wide array of innovative new features helping the designers to create a secure, more dependable and efficient code. It has risen in a relatively short period to the top position of coding languages needed for designing interactive mobile apps.

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