Agricultural Apps: The Future of Economy

Agricultural Applications

Agriculture, the backbone of Indian economy will continue to remain the same for a long time. Agriculture supports 17% of the world population, in which it occupies 2.3% of the world’s geographical area and 4.2% of the water resources. Basically, Agriculture is a skill and it requires large experience.

Nowadays, there are many apps available in the market, which will help the cultivators and the farmers in the best way possible. Precision agriculture is the leading sector for mobile applications. And it is changing the way typical farm business owners operate.

Mobile applications can help the entire farming process. The mobile apps collect data using smart machinery, guiding systems, monitory and sensory technology. Apps that aids in agriculture are as follows.

Farm At Hand

Farm At Hand is one of the best apps for agriculture. It is the most forward-thinking farm business apps available today. This app was built by Saskatchewan entrepreneurs. This app helps in all the process of the farming business. This app helps the farming business people to know about all the process at their fingertips. It keeps track of the field activities such as planting, scouting, spraying, harvesting and more. The automated dashboard downloads reports will make the insurance, agronomists, and consultants at the easy way.

Most important thing about this app is that the data is secure and the company will not sell the user data with other third-party people or organizations. The customers will own their data and they will share their data only with the people whom they work.


This app is a king in guidance. There is tractor navigation software in the app; it will guide a farmer to edge along the track by gearing to the straight reference lines. MachineryGuide will help a farmer to achieve a simple precision guide application without purchasing any costly and fancy equipment.

Only android users can use this platform.


This was started as a university startup and then became a viable technology, now assisting farmers to scout crops, identify and map the pest problems. It has the long-term efficiency to avoid all the long-term crop issues. This Scoutpro is a technology, which acts as a solution for the entire pest control issues including simple weed, disease, insect or disorder ID assistance. Both Android and iOS users can use this platform.


Agricultural drones are the new technology in the agricultural sector that everyone is talking about. Agribotix is paired with an adaptable quad-copter drone, which makes the agricultural intelligence easily accessible. This platform is based on the cloud and it identifies all the areas of concern in the agricultural field and it frequently returns the health maps. It is the image processing and analytic service, which uploads plenty of images during the drone flight within few hours. Agribotix app will produce high-quality data, in a way that is useful for all the people who are viewing the results.


FarmLogs is a perfect application and the best solution for all the farm owners. This app helps the farm owners to see the in-season crop health maps, heat reports, rainfall, crop history, soil data, yield maps and more.

This app uses the cloud technology and it allows data synchronization between all the user’s devices, even during the poor signal coverage. Users can plan their inputs for the season, watch growth stage analysis and yield maps with the help of the app’s inventory management system.

ID Weeds

This app is popular among the Midwest farmers. It helps the farmers to search weeds in their field with the easy-to-use identification system. Users can identify weeds based on number of the features including habitat, flower color, leaf color, root system and other characteristics.


This app was developed in collaboration between the Agricharts and successful Farming. The app offers plenty of information such as commodity markets, weather, and news. The app has many features they are local cash grains quotes and charts, breaking news from successful farming, technical analysis, and live market commentary. Recently, the app gathers information from, which is the AgriCharts marketplace for farmers and grain buyers.

 Cattle Market Mobile

This app acts as the simple and best way to view local cattle auction reports, which are organized by the state government and other local parties as well as USDA cattle market info. The app has “useful tools” section, which includes a calf calculator and a gestation calculator. Updates of the current year are the addition of four new USDA commodity reports.


This app will make use of the phone’s GPS to tell the user what type of soil they are standing on. And it will allow the user to find out deep levels of the soil from USDA’s soil survey data. The app will give all the necessary data, which is required to know about the farm’s soil it includes soil type and taxonomy, hydraulic and flood ratings, land classification, organic matter, and more.

Tank Mix Calculator

This app is used to generate a tank mix easily and quickly. The user has to enter their acreage, carrier volume, tank size; then select the chemicals from the list provided or create your own chemicals. After entering all these details, the app will show the number of loads needed to spray the field. Recently, the app was updated to include updated chemical list up to 14,000 and style and formatting standards.


This app helps the farmers by providing the most updated weather data on their phone. The network of this service is elaborated to about 180,000 personal weather stations. It provides hyper-local forecasts, current conditions, radar, and more. New developments are frequently updated on the developers’ page.

GPS area measure

This app will calculate the area on the map and it provides an accurate area, distance, volume, and angle information. For example, for using this app for spraying, users can record the area that has to be sprayed; and users can see what has been sprayed exactly and what hasn’t sprayed. If the farmer quit spraying in the field one day, the app will show where they have left off when returning to the field the next working day.

Connected Farm

This app is available for the iPhone and iPad users. It changes the way the farmer uses his GPS for field mapping and scouting applications in agriculture. This app uses the phone’s GPS to map the field boundaries, locate irrigation pivots, entering scouting information for points, lines, and polygon areas, and marking flags. And it allows the users to find a solution to any agricultural issues. It updates the crop conditions and more. The app captures the photos and integrates with the scouting attributes. This app is available for free of cost.

Mobile Farmer Manager

This app is available for the iPhone and iPad users. With the help of this app, users can view any map and any report from any year. Users can view and analyze historical applications. Users can use their phone GPS to track the location of the field, they can create grid zones and they can also perform soil sampling tasks. Farmers can generate higher levels of productivity by using Mobile Farmer Manager App.

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