5 Important Facts You Should Know About Digital Marketing


Last Month I visited a seminar about “How to grow your business with simple but effective ideas”. I noticed that the seminar was whole about the Digital Marketing and how to promote your business in Online Market. As the whole world is shifting towards the online Market it has became really important to promote your business in online market place.

Businesses that cannot spend more on video advertisement they find Digital Marketing more easy and effective but for that it should be performed properly. Here are some of the important facts Entrepreneurs should know before starting Digital Marketing for their business.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly website
From past years the usage of mobile phones has been increased. People are very fond of smart phones and the searches made are more on phones rather than on Laptops and PC’s. It has become really important that your website should be responsive which can be accessed on every device whether it is a smart phone, tablet or a PC/Laptop. Responsive feature gives a smooth look and feel to customers while browsing and using your website. It helps to engage customers for more time on your website and the bounce rate becomes less. The more time the customer will be on your website the more will be your credibility.

Local search is the key for targeting Local Business
Keywords are the important factor which is actually the searches made by the customers on the search engines. The keywords decided by the marketers are according to the requirements of the customers and their target market. So if you are targeting local business first you should know your customers and their mindset, it helps business to make their products approachable for the customers. Search engines algorithm is actually very simple, for filtering the results it searches for the keywords more associated to the search. The more associated will be your keyword the more preference your advertisement get.

Effective Email Marketing
For small businesses and startups Email marketing is the most effective tool of Digital Marketing. As we discussed earlier the use of smart phone has become more so it is really very important to write mobile friendly emails. Mobile friendly email looks good on PC/Laptop too but it’s not vice versa. For making customer to read it; it’s really very important that the email should be readable.  For this the email should be short, message should be clear and in single line format, more white spaces should be in the email so it is easy to click on button and links. It would be more mobile friendly and user friendly too.

Online Videos
Online videos are something that people are very fond of. It attracts people most and leaves a clear message in users mind. According to the 2016 Social Media Marketing Research industry report, 60% of the marketers have been used online video for the better results and many more are planning to go with it. Online videos attract wider audience and it is really easy to do. Anyone can upload their video on YouTube and on many other websites just by creating a channel and most of them are free of cost. That is why it is one of the important tools which give better results.

Facebook Paid Ads
Facebook is not just a social media website but it also has become the part of our lives. In very less time Facebook has created its monopoly in the market and almost 8 in every 10 person are using facebook. Facebook can give the spark to your advertisement which catches fire easily if your ad is attractive. Advertising your product on facebook gives you more audience to connect with. Facebook advertising is affordable and offers plenty of guidance to create your ad. Its free analytic tool helps to track and analyze the traffic and views on your ad. Facebook is the biggest platform for social media optimization which gives best results.

These are the 5 most important as well as essential points which should be kept in mind before starting digital marketing for your business. It gives the definite results if performed properly. Do try these points and methods for your advertisement for better results.

Shipra; an IT professional, working with TecMaestro IT Services from past 2 yrs as “Web Analyst” and have 5 yrs of experience in IT industry. By profession she is an “IT engineer” but very much passionate about reading books, this became her passion because she is always curious to know more about the world and the Industry and to know more what can be better source than the books and blogs. She loves to share her knowledge with others. Because She has more knowledge about the industry she is working with that’s why She writes article about “Digital Marketing”. She hopes this will be helpful for all the Entrepreneurs and Digital Marketers.

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  1. Thank You for a sharing informative information about Digital Marketing. Thus, it’s real fact that in today time mobile user are increasing, Facebook paid ads also using giving result very high.

  2. Thank you. I just liked the points mentioned by you. I would also like to say that Most successful digital marketers know the importance of agility of digital marketing when it comes to engaging today’s fast-moving, always-on consumers.

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