3D Printing Pen: 5 Features You Should Know

3D Printing Pen

Technology has come a long way after 2005 with the invention of unique next gen storage devices like microSD cards. Now we are seeing the rise of 3D printing technology which includes 3D printing pen-a unique, portable, easy to use device. Small in size, but it can cause a huge explosion in consumer markets.

Quite an atom bomb, isn’t it?
But there is a saying in English language, Everything that glitters ain’t Gold. Similarly buying a 3D printing pen doesn’t solve problems as we all know that electronic devices have their own set of problems.

3D printing pen has just started arriving in market, so during this nascent stage potential consumers need to consider the following 5 features before investing in a currently nascent technology as Money is the next most precious thing after health one needs to have to survive.

#1. Full Warranty
Many would consider that warranty is not an important thing. But consider this case: Imagine a scenario when you have bought a 3D printing pen from a very famous brand by spending huge amount of money. You want to try it out by creating a let’s say a stick but after 3 weeks of use you find that the device is not working. When you send it to vendor for repairs and claim warranty then you find that the warranty is not on entire device.

The Result: Extra spending on repairs and the joke is on you. Full warranty is really important on devices which have a high rate of failure and “3D Printing Pens” belong to such category as it can face several problems while operating and one may have to spend extra on repairs within warranty period in case warranty is not on full device. So if you value money, value full warranty.

#2. Works Anywhere
3D printing pens promote portability and can be used anywhere. So whenever you buy a 3D Pen, make sure that it promotes usability in any surface. Just imagine: buying a separate table for using the pen every time you use it.
Waste of money isn’t it?

#3. Device Design
One problem which is quite common across all technology devices is product design. If the device is not perfectly designed and does not allow proper ventilation, then it is not expected to perform well as per optimum requirements. I remember when I bought my first laptop which ended bursting into flames after a month’s use. Luckily the vendor provided warranty service and I got the laptop back good as new. It works well now but the only concern is its heating as I have to always use it on a stand.

Similar rule applies to 3D Printing Pens which work by melting plastic filaments at certain temperature so it can be modeled to create unique structures no matter how many times you use it. Do consider checking the operating temperature of your device lest it may suffer breakdown after a certain weeks use. Operating temperature also plays a crucial role in giving each filament adequate texture and color which will result in perfect creations.

Product design is also important as will give the device ample time to cool down before it suffers a crash due to burning. The pen works on electricity and in the later future battery enabled pens are expected to come. So in such a scenario do consider product design, battery quality, operating temperature as well as the product’s cooling time as the faster it cools down, the more better and longer it will work.

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4. Brand name and Reputation
Quite often people go for branded products with a belief that they will get value for money. But I would suggest go instead go for a brand which assures quality at reasonable price, provides full warranty and has good reviews from a reliable source. There is a possibility that certain companies will take advantage of the current curiosity around this technology and try to sell cheap, low and unreliable quality of 3D Printing Pens and make quick money by fooling consumers. In such a scenario, consumers and common folk like you and me must be careful while selecting such sophisticated and currently nascent technology.

5. Not Clogging and Easy Maintenance
Another important factor which is important while buying such technology is whether it has any chance of clogging in any circumstance. Given that its an electronic device and is bound to misfire in case of error in use provision should be given in the device which can allow user to clean it in case of any clogging and should be user friendly to operate in any scenario. One should never end up in any scenario where they are in the middle of an important project and the device is dead. So in such a scenario the vendor should be able to provide sufficient spare parts and after sale service and maintenance at reasonable price so that they can capture a large market easily. Experience states that consumers rate a brand in automotive and technology sector as best or worst based on the level of maintenance provided by its vendors.

So these are the 5 important factors one must consider while buying 3D Printing Pens. Hope you like it and let me know your views Such technology needs to be handled with care Sophisticated technology like this can open new worlds.

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