3 Smart Tips For Better Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO

SEO is the most volatile industry that has ever ventured into the digital world. Think it like this, this month the things and the practices are different, then again in the coming time, everything will be changed the very next month.

Most of you know that the biggest Search engine Google follows a set of over 200 rules to make a ranking of a website. If you started picking all the rules, then you might end up at the last page of relevant search result. It is technically impossible to catch up with all the 200 parameters at once. You need to be calm while dealing with SEO of your website. This activity of search engine keeps the SEO elite on their toes all the time.

In this post, I am going to provide you with some of the tips and tricks that will help you do better SEO for your mobile visitors. Everything is going mobile. Nowadays, everything is accessed via mobile. With the introduction of 4G and coming up the trial of 5G, mobile devices have gained their popularity and soon enough they will dominate all the connections. This is the biggest reason that you need to be ready for better mobile SEO. So, let’s get you started with it.

Presenting you the three smartest tips for the better mobile SEO, here we go,

Responsive Layout
Well, isn’t that obvious? The screen resolution of the mobile handset is different from that of the desktop. You need to plan the design in such a way that there will be no problem in adjusting the design to a smaller screen. A full desktop design will take more time in a mobile device to load up. This will increase the page loading time of the page and hence reduce the quality of UX which will affect the SEO ranking of your website.

You must have to make your website responsive. A responsive website will easily align itself to the type of device which is opening the website. This gives you a better opportunity to engage your user in the new resolution which is automatically adjusted according to the device. If you are a WordPress user, then most of its themes are highly responsive, if not you might want to crosscheck the responsiveness of your website with your developer.

Make Use Of Mobile Landing Pages
Now, see a Call To Action button can seriously define your conversion rate. In the above point, I said one very important thing that is people are shifting to mobile. In a simple phrase, people are going mobile. So, in order to achieve a high rate of success, you need to go mobile. But how a normal desktop landing page will serve better in a mobile site. Of course, it will not. You need mobile landing pages in order to maintain and increase your conversion rate of your website.

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While designing Mobile Landing Pages, you must consider these three contractions to make the content of the landing page short and crisp,

  • Make use of What’s instead of What is.
  • Use Can’t rather than Cannot.
  • Don’t in place of Do not.

This way the content in the landing page will be short and crisp. And FYI (For Your Information), Short and Crisp always hit hard. This is the best way to convince your visitor to go for the CTA button. A lengthy intruding content is of no use here in the mobile landing page.

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Make Use Of Google Analytics To Understand Your Audience
Now, we all know Google Analytics, the one tool that is the holy grail of your website. It knows everything. Your audience area, demographic, time of the session, entry page, exit page all of it.

You just need to know how to use it tactfully to make the best out of all the analytics reports. Now, there is a mobile section where you can easily check the details such as operating system, the resolution, the providers and the handsets that are used by your visitors. You can easily evaluate the percentage of your total visitors who are using mobile devices to visit your website.

Also, you can make use of Google Webmasters Tools to understand the mobile search for the keywords. This will give you all the necessary insights that are required to you for the better mobile SEO of your website.

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In The End
I do hope that the above information will help you in the way you wanted. Mobile SEO is increasing day by day which makes it more and more important as the time passes. So, make sure that you do everything that is possible to improve the mobile usability of your website.

Have a wonderful day ahead. Take care fellas.

Lauren McLaren is the writer here. She is working as blogger for Digital Muscle – SEO company in Sydney offering affordable web design & development services. She loves writing about technical stuff and sharing her experience while with her readers. She is hardworking and trustworthy. In her spare time, she loves to read, cook and watch movies.

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