Supplier Recovery

Warranty Administration and Supplier Recovery

A Harris Interactive report mentions something encouraging for warranty management personnel to adopt cloud-based consumer app technology. It says 85% customers are likely not to shop with you again if the return process is not…

Encrypted Messages

Encrypted Messages are No More Secretive

While there are different instant messenger apps like Facebook messenger, Hike, iMessage is available around millions and billions of users access the WhatsApp instant messenger app and it is the leading messenger platform across…

Best eCommerce Platform

How To Choose The Best eCommerce Platform

With the advent of online trading, an eCommerce platform has become a necessary formality for any significant business that intends to operate an online store. Competition among online stores and the advancement in technology…

Important facts of vNext

Microsoft ASP.NET 5: Important Facts of vNext

Here we got few interesting vNext facts that every programmer and even hired developers should know. Let’s catch up them all: Combined application models contains Web API, MVC, SignalR and Web pages…

Java browser plug-in Development

How Java was Used in Java browser plug-in Development!

There was recent news on the Oracle’s much needed maligned Java browser plugin. So, let’s see how Java development was used in this process. There is a buzz that the plugin will be deprecated…


Uber captivates their Users with the astonishing Features

Uber is a gigantic ride-sharing app for fast, reliable rides anytime. This app allows the users with mobile phones to submit a travel request, which the software programs then automatically send details to the…

Web Development Trends

5 Web Development Trends That Will Affect Each One of Us in 2017

In the past few years, we have seen web development rise like never before. The surge in online marketplace has increased the need for effective web development. From innovative to weird, simple to complex, good to…

Business Promotion

How To Advertise Your Business Cheaply or For Free

Advertising and marketing your company doesn’t come cheap, and it is especially hard for small and new businesses to finance an advertising or marketing campaign that will catch their audience’s attention, that will count,…

How to Configure Router

How to Configure Your Router for a Cable Internet Connection

Today everyone loves to use home network to access internet within particular distance. Actually people may have many computers and other advanced electronic devices like mobiles and others. If they want to access internet…

Agricultural Applications

Agricultural Apps: The Future of Economy

Agriculture, the backbone of Indian economy will continue to remain the same for a long time. Agriculture supports 17% of the world population, in which it occupies 2.3% of the world’s geographical area and…

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