wordpress feedback

How To Enable User Feedback on WordPress Blog / Website

Whether you are running a bricks-and-mortar business or an e-commerce store, getting direct feedback from the users can be extremely valuable. While a standard feedback form is an easy way to incorporate... Read more »

Top Travel Apps That iOS Users Must Use At Least For Once

We know you love travelling and this is why you are landed here! We bet you will find extremely good information about travel apps that will help you in making plans, checklists,... Read more »


app store alternative

Top 4 Alternative App Stores in 2016

Every smart phone or tablet comes with their own built in app store which is native to it. Native apps and stores have been tailored to increase device compatibility with other built... Read more »

How Android Phones Perform Better Than Iphones?

Both are diverse platforms having different list of advantages and disadvantages- we are talking about android and iOS. Android devices and iOS devices are diverse from each other and as per the... Read more »

17 WordPress Plugins Your Business Cannot Do Without

WordPress was launched in 2003 and is the most preferred blogging software on the market. Since a couple of years, WordPress is not just a blogging platform but is also highly adopted... Read more »
Customer Experiences

5 Major Different Ways Millennials Could Redefine Their Customer Experiences

Millennials customers are generally the ones who are born between 1980 and 2000 redefining the way customer service has been perceived. Also known to be the generation Y, this generation has always... Read more »

3 Ways of Leveraging Real Time Bidding for Better Performance

The entire process of custom-selecting ads for online viewers is understandably complex. The advertising industry was engaged in figuring out a way that would maximize audience conversions. From numerous trials and errors... Read more »

Should You Develop Android App First For Your Startup?

A mobile strategy is a must for any business and this is because mobiles are now ubiquitous. There are more text messages being sent in the world than emails. The startups have... Read more »

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