10 Things You Didn’t Knew Chromecast Could Do


Tired of pinching smartphone again and again? Want to get out from the world of zoom in and zoom out? Well Google Chromecast is all that it will take to cast away the days of tapping the smart phones again and again. Developed by Google and launched in July 24, 2013, Google Chromecast is Digital Media Player that enables users with smart phones or even personal computers to be able to connect with their HDTV with HDMI port and stream their favourite TV shows, photos, videos, games and more.

Its first-generation version, i.e. Google Chromecast, was a bang for the users. Keeping it in a price tag of $35, it allows streaming of contents up to 1080p resolution. Following its fructified success in the market, Google launched its second generation and audio version on September 29, 2015. The audio version works in collaboration with the first as it plugs up with speakers to play music.  It works with Spotify, Pandora and Google Play Music, and is controlled by Android devices, iOS devices or computers.

Lastly, ultra-version, under-price bracket of $69, which allows content of up to 4K resolution to get broadcast. Working of chrome cast is based on the broadcasting signals methodology. When you connect Chromecast with TV, then in the presence of internet connection your phone and Chromecast will identify each other and it will acknowledge each signal sent by the phone, interprets it and display it on the TV. Chromecast works with iPhone, iPads, Android phone and tablets, Mac and Windows laptops and Chrome book.

Chromecast can be used as a virtual TV remote controller that can control TV sets from anywhere in the home or up to which your WI FI range is. Pioneering achievement is that it does not drain out battery and supports multi-tasking i.e. user can use their phone simultaneously about TV. You got to see exactly what appears on your phone devices on TV with almost zero flickering. Roku Express and Apple TV are the two existing alternatives to Google Chromecast. But if you’re not a Chromecast fan then you can also go for Chromecast alternatives which might help you out.

But apart from the basic streaming Chromecast can do a lot of things out of the box-

  1. If you are business professional and are used to of giving presentations on a regular basis then Chromecast could stand out against the odds and could help you to give presentation on TV. All you must use Google Slides, an app easily available on Google Play Store, in your smart phone. While using it click on the Present menu on the top right area and select the desired Chromecast device.
  2. Tired of playing game on small phone devices? Want to have a more realistic experience while playing games? Well this is the best supported thing out of the chaos by the Google Chromecast. You can play a lot variety of android or iOS games on TV. All you require a high-speed internet connection and you are set to go. Just play the game as usual on phone but set your vision on big screen of TV where everything will be same occurring as that on your phone.
  3. If you want to show photos collectively to a large group of audience but you have no arrangement for projectors, then Chromecast can take you out of that scenario. Keep using photos app in your phone, which support Chromecast, and now in place of projector your phone is going to broadcast images to your TV.
  4. Consider a situation when audio functionality of your TV is kaput, but you really want to watch a movie. A major add on to Chrome cast is Local Cast, an app that will just broadcast the video keeping audio to your handset. Although Local Cast is in its developing stage, so some bugs are normal to occur.
  5. You can cast everything you see on phone on TV. In this way, you can convert your monotonous TV to a smart one. This situation is fructified in cases when you are attending video conference sitting at home.
  6. When you are not watching television, it is just a wasteful thing hanged on the wall serving no purpose. With Chromecast, you could bring out a lot from TV. Install Google Home app on smart phone, and in the Devices tab hit the Backdrop settings. There you can select photos and flash them on TV and make it a beautiful photo frame serving some purpose.
  7. Want to be updated of what is happening in the world? Well Chromecast, again at your service. With the same Back drop settings, select one of the two choices-Curated news or Play News Stand. This will start flashing news instead of photos on TV, again serving some purpose.
  8. Who does not want free of cost stuff? Google is giving away free promotions to services like Hulu Plus, DramaFever etc.Simply visit chromecast.com/offers with your computer (Chrome browser and Google cast extension required) while on your home Wi-Fi network. Google will then search for the device ID and let you know for which offers you qualify.
  9. Well not everyone is having a great speed Wi-Fi connection, and while streaming videos from YouTube or Netflix, it becomes quite annoying if excessive buffering comes to play. Hit Google Cast Extension option and set the projection quality to Standard one and shift to lower resolution playback to avoid constant buffering.
  10. Today, when words are falling short to express emotions, emoji makes emotions to flow undeterred. Chromecast app also allows you to name your device via Emoji characters and is supported by Android, Windows, iOS and Mac OS X apps.

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